Popular Bookstore removes lewd comic books from shelves after online furore

Popular Bookstore has responded to a Stomp query and said that they have removed the Bro Don't Like That La Bro comics from their stores.

The comic features adult themes and lewd illustrations that have references to rape and male private parts, as well as several sexual innuendos.

Several Stomp readers alerted the site to a Facebook post published by user Mylilbookworm sharing pages from the comics with the caption:

"Parents, beware of such comics selling in Popular Book Company Pte Ltd . They should be taken off the shelves!" The post has garnered over 382 shares since it was posted yesterday morning (Oct 12).

Photo: Stomp

A Popular Holdings spokesperson informed Stomp today (Oct 13) that they have received instructions to remove the titles from their shelves and that they are not available for sale with immediate effect.

She added that the book is meant for those aged 18 and above, and is categorised under the "Local Interest" category in the adults section.

Photo: Stomp

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