Porsche owner admits stalling ambulance

“Miracle” Ben Lai makes a public statement and apology after being discovered as the owner of a white Porsche that blocked an on-duty ambulance carrying an injured patient.

TAIPEI - Following the upload of a video to YouTube of a white Porsche blocking an on-duty ambulance, the owner of the vehicle has come forward to admit that he was the one behind the wheel, after initially claiming that a carwarsh employee was driving without his permission.

In a YouTube video uploaded recently, the white Porsche Panamera 4S was caught on an event-data-recorder blocking an on-duty ambulance with its sirens turned on. The ambulance, after stopping behind the Porsche, was seen on the video using its horn and loudspeaker to tell the driver to move. However, the ambulance was forced to wait for 40 seconds before the Porsche moved.

False Background

After tracking down the license plate number - 1111 - the owner was discovered to be a motivational speaker, as well as the owner and executive consultant for Miracle International Leadership Training Center, going by the stage name of "Master Miracle". The company is famous in Taichung for charging its clients - mainly sales employees - high prices to attend interactive seminars.

After seeing the video, "Miracle" Ben Lai contacted authorities and claimed that the car was being driven in the video by a carwash employee without his consent. However, he retracted that statement in the afternoon and admitted to being the driver. Saying that he was confused, Lai apologised for his confusion as well as his improper behaviour.

The company's website features testimonials claiming that Lai is an "exceptional showman." The website also features pictures of Lai with internationally renowned speakers such as Anthony Robbins and Nick Vujicic, and also claims that Lai has consulted with various companies and major universities.

However, the impressive list of clients and credentials has been proven to be fabricated, with Lai himself revealed to have only finished high school at Ta Ming Senior High School in Taichung. Lai's credibility is now in question after the scrutiny, and with the negative comments being constantly refreshed onto his Facebook wall, Lai has since shut down his social media account.