Proposals sought for Newater plant

SINGAPORE - National water agency PUB is inviting companies to submit proposals for the construction of the second Changi Newater plant.

To be completed by 2016, the plant will add another 228,000 cubic metres of Newater a day to Singapore's water supply, PUB said on Friday.

Its main process facilities will be built mostly on the rooftop of the Changi water reclamation plant, saving both land space and cost.

The successful bidder will enter into a 25-year agreement to supply Newater to PUB from 2016.

The agreement will set out the tariff structure as well as the terms and conditions for the supply and purchase of Newater.

The ultra-clean high-grade reclaimed water that is produced using advanced membrane technologies now meets 30 per cent of Singapore's water demand.

This is set to go up to 55 per cent in the long term.

Growing demand

"Increasing Newater capacity is necessary to meet the growing water demand and strengthen the resilience of Singapore's water supply," said Mr Koh Boon Aik, PUB's director of best sourcing.

"Newater is used primarily by the non-domestic sector for non-potable use as well as topping up local reservoirs during dry weather."

There are three Newater plants in addition to the one in Changi - at Bedok, Kranji and Ulu Pandan.

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