Psychiatrist: Images of strangers no longer satisfy him

He has been described as "personable but shy".

But Kenneth Yeo Jia Chuan's brush with the law exposed his voyeuristic tendencies and inability to control deviant impulses.

He suffers from paraphilia, as diagnosed by senior consultant psychiatrist Brian Yeo.

Court documents defined Yeo as having "a very strong urge to give in to his fetish for peeing or looking at secret images of women in the toilet".

Yeo, an only child, has had no contact with his biological father since the age of 12. He had been living with his mother and stepfather.

Around 2008, when Yeo was still employed by the Church of Singapore as a facility manager, he began to face some problems.


"Due to his loneliness and his lack of girlfriends, Kenneth began to trawl through the Internet for sexual gratification. He had been enamoured of voyeuristic sites, especially scenes of ladies in toilets," said Dr Yeo.

By the time Yeo was given a pinhole camera by a friend as a gift, he was no longer able to attain sexual satisfaction from just viewing online images of women in toilets.

This was also about the same time his trading card business was on the decline.

Dr Yeo said: "His sexual fetish rose to such a level that Kenneth felt he could attain sexual satisfaction only if these sexual images contained intimate scenes of women whom he knew or whom he had some contact with."

But Yeo did not approach the women he had filmed or try to blackmail them, added Dr Yeo.

Yeo has been receiving regular psychiatric counselling and medication.

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This article was first published on March 3, 2016.
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