Public feedback on short-term stays in private homes wanted

SINGAPORE - The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is seeking feedback on whether private homes in Singapore should be allowed to be used for shorter-term stays.

URA currently requires all private residential properties in Singapore to be used for stays of at least six months. This is intended to safeguard the living environment of a residential development, and to ensure that residents are not adversely affected by the frequent turnover of temporary occupiers on short-term stays, said URA in a statement.

URA had received various concerns on its requirement such as to shorten it so as to allow shorter period of stays to cater to tourists who prefer to stay with locals or letting home owners supplement their income by renting out their spare rooms. On the other spectrum, other issues with shorter-term stays were over noise, loss of privacy, security, and misuse of common facilities.

In a blogpost, National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan cited AirBnB as "an online community platform which allows home-sharing, renting out spare rooms to say, tourists for a few days. But it has become hotly debated in many cities."

He added: "While it earns extra income for the home owners, their neighbours would not like to see their quiet neighbourhood becoming a hotel district. I myself think it not a good idea. We certainly do not allow such arrangements in HDB towns."

The public can submit their feedback online at from now until Feb 23.