Punched, in pain, still on song

Ms Dawn Ho, popular local jazz singer being attended to by paramedics after allegedly being punched by Caucasian Aaron Jeremiejczyk at Sentosa.

SINGAPORE - She took a punch to the nose from a man twice her size, but instead of shrinking into the back of the car she was in, local jazz singer Dawn Ho got out.

The 34-year-old walked towards the Caucasian man and told him not to leave as she called police.

The alleged incident in Sentosa has been making its rounds on Facebook since the popular singer shared it on her page.

Ho, who suffered a bleeding nose and sore face, recounted the incident to MyPaper yesterday.

On Sunday at about 9pm, she had just finished a performance at Sentosa and was waiting for her best friend, Mr Munir Alsagoff, to pick her up in his car.

As she was waiting, she spotted a man berating a driver outside a limousine car.

The man, who looked to be in his 30s, she said, was swearing loudly, shouting and banging at the car with his fist.

"I heard him say that $43 is too expensive," said Ho, who added that the cab driver tried to explain to the man that the price was fixed and could be found on a signboard nearby.

"But he asked the taxi driver to take the signboard to him," she said.

Ho approached the man and told him that what he was doing was "not cool" and that he did not have the right to speak to the driver in that way.

"I did it because it is just not right. Nobody else stepped in or reacted," she said, adding that there was a long queue at the taxi stand where the two men were.

But she was not prepared for what happened next.

She said that the man, spewing vulgarities, followed her to her friend's car, which had just arrived. "He diverted his rage towards me," said Ho.

Even when Mr Munir, recognising the man from seeing him at events, tried to calm him down, Mr Aaron Jeremiejczyk allegedly continued his verbal abuse.

By then, Ho was seated in the car, but it did not stop a female companion of Mr Jeremiejczyk from taking a swing at her with a beer bottle through the car's open window.

Mr Munir took a hit from the bottle. It was after that that Mr Jeremiejczyk threw a punch at Ho through the open car window.

Rangers kept him there after Ho called the police.

The police said that they received a call for assistance at about 9.20pm and, upon arrival, established that a case of voluntarily causing hurt had occurred. Investigations are ongoing.

Mr Jeremiejczyk, who had been working in the marketing department of restaurant The Exchange Asia Square, owned by Tadcaster Hospitality, was suspended after the incident.

He later resigned, the management said yesterday.

They said that he had been working at the company for about three months and that the alleged incident occurred on his day off from work. Attempts to contact Mr Jeremiejczyk were not successful.

The incident has not derailed Ho's performance plans. She performed at the Mosaic Music Festival last evening, as planned.

She said cheerily: "I've got to do what I've got to do, I hope my singing is not affected."

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