Punggol lift filmed operating with inner door partly open

SINGAPORE - A Punggol resident was shocked to find the inner door of the lift at his HDB block partly open as he and his son were transported more than 10 floors down on Friday morning.

Facebook user Ben Tng posted a clip of the incident, which happened at around 7.30am when he was sending his son to school.

The video shows the lift with only the right side of the door closed while the left side is empty.

According to his Facebook post, Mr Tng immediately called the emergency hotline to report the fault. When he returned at 9am and saw that the lift was still operating with the broken door, he called his town council. At this time, other residents had gathered at the lift lobby, he wrote, adding that they were worried about young children.

The lift was under maintenance when he checked again at 10am.

"There was a lot of metal protruding out from the inside of the lift door. Their school bags could get caught, and it will lift the kid up," Mr Tng was quoted by The Straits Times as saying.

The incident comes months after an elderly woman had her hand severed by the doors of a lift in Jurong. An investigation report found that there was nothing wrong with the lift, concluding that Madam Khoo Bee Hua's left wrist was too narrow for sensors to detect and reopen the doors.