This pup eats off Swarovski crystal-encrusted forks

Meet Betty, possibly one of the world's most pampered pooches.

How so?

Let's just say that the maltese has a wide range of fancy paraphernalia, including its own bedroom with a custom-made bed and an entire wardrobe of dog apparel.

The cost?

Some $60,000.

Talk about living the good life.

Betty's apparel contributed to the booming pet accessories market, valued at $1.5 billion in 2013, in the UK alone, according to one report.

This mollycoddled dog lives in Essex, north-east London, under the roof of its besotted owner, Ms Hayley Dexter.

Indeed, Betty is hand-fed and eats off Swarovski crystal-encrusted forks.

In an October Mail Online report, Ms Dexter, 37, who runs a five-star dog hotel and spa called Essex Pooch Palace, describes Betty as "very spoilt" and "a real princess".

"Betty has us wrapped around her little paws," she added.

The spa, where Betty also has a room, offers spa services and paw-dicures, among other services.

Apparently, the pup is also never seen without her signature bling - a diamond collar, a gift from one of Ms Dexter's clients, along with her customised pearl necklace.


Ms Dexter's daughter even brought Betty as a date to her prom, and they had matching dresses.

"We designed and made it especially for Betty," said Ms Dexter, a mother-of-three.

At the prom, surely Betty could not be expected to walk around on a leash. So Ms Dexter's daughter pushed the pup around in her pink pram.

Some call the relationship love, while others deem it absolutely ridiculous.

But Ms Dexter said it was down to "harmless fun" for her "absolutely dog-crazy family".

This article was first published on January 18, 2015.
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