Puppy adopter says no breach of contract

Seven-month-old mongrel Tammy's adopter, Ms Alison Mcelwee, is maintaining that euthanising the puppy was not in breach of the adoption agreement signed with animal welfare volunteer Ada Ong on June 1.

In a seven-page letter sent to Ms Ong's legal team on Monday, Ms Mcelwee's lawyers from stamford Law said that while she was supportive of making a donation to charities like the society for the Prevention of cruelty to Animals, this would be done in support of a good cause and "not to satisfy any claim for damages".

Ms Mcelwee also noted in her letter that she is not acceding to Ms Ong's demand for a written acknowledgement stating that putting the puppy down was a breach of obligations under the adoption agreement.

This, she wrote, would "continue to perpetuate the untruths".

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