Purring over their peers

Ashton Tan, Raffles Institution


Jane Leong, track and field, TPJC Menorrhagia and painful swollen joints couldn't stop her from qualifying for a semi-final.

Sasi Kala Tamang, football, Bowen Secondary School Picked up three individual awards in the last three years.

Zoey Suan, basketball, Deyi Sec Zoey battled weight disorders to lead her school to North Zone B Division title.

Lynette Lim Enxuan, track and field, Cedar Girls' Secondary School Lynette rewrote seven national triple jump records at this year's B Division finals.

Kathleen Lin, cross country, Crescent Girls' Captured B Division girls' cross-country title.

Ashton Tan, tennis, Raffles Institution Won the C Division boys' tennis title and also claimed silver in the C Division 800m.

Thng Yong-An, basketball, Unity Sec Yong-An got his team to bond as a unit.

S Murugananthan, track and field, Woodlands Secondary School Overcame Osgood-Schlatter disease last year to help his school clinch sixth place at this year's cross-country championships.

Raphael Chau, swimming, Sports School Recovered from a broken ankle to help his school win their first B Division title.

Jarryl Chan, hockey and floorball, VJC Jarryl notched a double with A Division hockey and floorball titles.

"Everyone who has been nominated has what it takes to win the award." - Ashton Tan, Raffles Institution

"My vote goes to Zoey (Suan). I understand how difficult it is to overcome physical pain, but triumphing over mental obstacles must have been harder. Her sheer passion for basketball is also commendable." - Jane Leong, Tampines Junior College

"I believe I will win because this year's batch of Victorians are all fired up for everything!" - Jarryl Chan, Victoria Junior College

"My pick is Zoey Suan for her fighting spirit to overcome the challenges and illnesses to perform well in her sport." - Lynette Lim Enxuan (right), Cedar Girls' Secondary

"I'd go with Raphael (Chau) because he's had to come back strong after breaking his ankle. He trained from being the slowest to the top and it isn't easy because you need effort and patience to do that." - Thng Yong-An, Unity Secondary School

"I felt Jane Leong's story was really inspirational. It was a tough journey but she still stayed strong and overcame her pain." - Zoey Suan, Deyi Secondary School

"I think Raphael (Chau) deserves it because his story was very inspiring for me. He went through more pain than all of us but he never lost the confidence to believe in himself." - S Murugananthan, Woodlands Secondary School

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