Quotes from the police statement

Quotes from the police statement

Quotes from Amos Yee's statement to the police, which was recorded by Assistant Superintendent Jonathan Au Yong and signed by Yee at 1.33am on March 30. The statement was tendered to the court yesterday.

Yee said his curiosity about former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew's contributions to modern-day Singapore was heightened by a meeting he had with some members of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) two weeks before Mr Lee's passing.

"I had met them for dinner after their walkabout around the Holland-Bukit Timah constituency at the invitation of my friend, Brandon, who is a volunteer with the SDP. Knowing that the general elections are around the corner, I had an interest in local politics and attended this dinner to learn more... I left the dinner with a better understanding of local politics, and when I learnt of Lee Kuan Yew's passing, it further catalysed my formation of certain ideas towards the man and Singapore."

Yee knew, prior to uploading a video clip at the centre of his charge for attacking Christianity on March 27, that it would be considered offensive to Christians.

"Before I uploaded the video, I was aware that the content of the video was offensive and would promote feelings of disharmony or feelings of ill-will within the Christian community... I still posted the video because I did not think that my actions would be deemed illegal."

Yee thought using profanities in his video would make conveying his view more effective.

"I am a particular fan of the YouTube channel The Amazing Atheist and I would say the demeanour of the host and the ideas discussed on his channel might have significantly influenced my thoughts on the matter, and the style in which I present them in my videos. The Amazing Atheist is very vulgar when discussing his atheism, and I would say he convinced me that using vulgar language in conveying views is effective."

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