Readers share their favourite childhood Singapore memorabilia

Readers share their favourite childhood Singapore memorabilia

SINGAPORE - Star Cruises, A&W root beer floats and the old Bukit Timah Railway Station. These are just some of the memories of Singapore that participants have submitted to citizen journalism website Stomp for their SG50 contest.

To join the contest, readers need to submit photos that invoked nostalgia, and a sense of belonging to Singapore.

One of the photos submitted was of A&W's mascot, the Mr Softee bear, at the A&W outlet on Sentosa when it was still available in Singapore.

Another interesting photograph was taken over 80 years ago, in which the contributor shared a picture of her "holiday" at her aunt's house in Kovan in the 1930s.

The contributor, named Swee Teik, recalled: "The house was of timber and the roof of attap. Water came from a well beside the house. The 'outhouse' (toilet) was situated away from the house, for obvious reasons."

Many also submitted photos showing places or things that can no longer be seen in Singapore today, from the old Sentosa Island and Botanic Gardens, to rotary dial telephones and even old-style NRICs.

The contest on Stomp will end on National Day, Aug 9.

Find out more about the contest here.


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