Reckless driver cuts into lane twice and threatens other driver

SINGAPORE - Stomp contributor, Vnkoh, encountered an errant driver at Woodlands who threatened and hurled vulgarities at him, even though he was the one who had cut into Vnkoh's lane twice, and on purpose.

He added that he had to use his 'E' brake twice to avoid collisions.

Vnkoh told Stomp:

"I was driving along Woodlands Ave 3, signalled left and checked my blind spot to do a lane change.

"To my surprise a black Nissan Sylphy SGV915L appeared behind and beside my car, the driver started honking at me.

"I realised that he was doing the same lane switch as me, but he was clearly behind me, and I had the right of way.

"So I might have interrupted his lane switch.

"This driver snapped and drove in front of me to cut abruptly into my lane, and I E-braked for the first time.

"I was extremely frustrated and started staring at him and showing him my hand.

"I couldn't hold back as his actions could have easily caused injury not only to me, but to other road users as well.

"I thought the saga was over and drove on, but to my surprise, he caught up with my car, and for the second time, cut abruptly in front of my car, then I E-braked again.

"This time round, to show his prowess, he got out of his car, came near to my car window and started hurling vulgarities and threatening me!

"I did not retaliate, stayed calm, and firmly told him to move on. To me, there are two attempts here to try to hurt me, and possibly causing hazard to other road users.

"We should not tolerate this kind of bad behaviour in a civic country."

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