Regional stability and security a pre-condition for economic progress: Ng Eng Hen

SINGAPORE - Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen has stressed the need for military powers in the Asia-Pacific region to be open and co-operate with each other.

Dr Ng was speaking at the plenary session of the sixth Xiangshan Forum in Beijing on Saturday. The topic of the session was: 'Asia-Pacific Security Trends: Opportunities and Challenges'.

During his speech, Dr Ng highlighted that along with the shift in the global balance of power towards the Asia-Pacific, countries in the region were more interdependent than ever before, especially in the economic and security domains.

He said that "militaries must increasingly be open and co-operate", as "many of the security challenges we face are transnational in nature and cannot be tackled effectively by any one country, no matter how large".

Noting that a stable security environment "is conducive for future progress and prosperity", Dr Ng highlighted the need for "mutual co-operation and collaboration based on a clear set of rules that are inclusive and fair" and encouraged the implementation of confidence-building measures between countries.

While at the forum, Dr Ng also took a 'wefie' with Malaysia's Hishammuddin Hussein and posted the photo on Facebook.