Reject any site that promotes infidelity


I refer to the recent articles about online dating portal Ashley Madison planning to set up operations in Singapore.

Ashley Madison's online slogan says that since life is short, it's perfectly okay to have an affair.

This mentality of enjoying oneself will only cause marriages to fail, because the promotion of such a mission is destructive and selfish.

As it is, there has been an increase in the number of divorces, so we should reject outright the setting up of any website that promotes infidelity.

My belief is that if life is short, we must do whatever good we can - today.

We must do our best to nurture our families and bring out the best in our spouses.

Marriage can be compared to a sensitive plant. It needs to be cared for so that it can grow. If the plant is neglected, it will wither and die.

Similarly, give a marriage the attention and care it needs, and it will grow.

To promote successful marriages, I call on the Ministry of Social and Family Development to invite couples whose marriages have passed the test with flying colours to conduct motivational talks and workshops.

Most certainly, if we put our heart and soul into building a solid partnership, we will experience the depth of happiness a fulfilling marriage can bring.

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