Remain vigilant and adopt crime prevention measures during festive season: Police

With the upcoming festive season upon us, the police have issued an advisory to encourage the public to remain vigilant and adopt crime prevention measures for a safer festive celebration.

The public should be wary of anyone suspicious following them in order to avoid theft and pickpocketing. The police advise to keep a close watch on your belongings at all times and to not leave them unattended. The public should not be distracted by strangers creating a commotion, bumping into them or accidentally spilling something onto them as it may be a distraction for theft. Always be alert and check your belongings if this were to happen.

The police would also like to remind retailers to remain vigilant against shop thieves during this festive season, especially when large crowds are expected. They advise to ensure a good line of sight for their shop displays by using an appropriate layout and installing CCTVs with a recording system.

With the expected congregation of large crowds at shopping malls and various public locations during this period, the public, especially ladies, are advised to stay vigilant against those who may take the opportunity to commit outrage of modesty.

The police encourage ladies to be aware and alert of your surroundings, where possible, to not nap while travelling on public transport, and if an unfortunate circumstance were to happen, to immediately shout for help and call '999' quickly.

During this period of festive gatherings and celebration, the police also encourage home owners to ensure that their main doors and windows are properly secured with strong grilles and good quality locks and to not have many valuables and large amounts of cash kept at home. If you are going on holiday, the police advise to inform your Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) of your absence, if necessary.

The police would like to remind the public that while the importation and sale of some types of sparklers are legal in Singapore, the use of sparklers should be done in a responsible manner according to the safety guidelines prescribed by the manufacturer.

Anyone caught setting off improvised explosive devices may be convicted of negligent conduct with respect to any fire or combustible matter, or negligent conduct with respect to any explosive substance. If convicted of either offence, the offender faces up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $5,000.