Residents heard scream but too scared to check

SINGAPORE - Earlier yesterday, before two suspects were arrested for the murder of a Pakistani man, residents at Kitchener Road were speculating if an incident on Wednesday evening was connected to the legless body found in a suitcase.

A resident of Block 2, Kitchener Road, about 300m from where the suitcase was found, said he heard a scream coming from the block at around 5pm on Wednesday.

The resident, who wanted to be known only as Mr Mohammad, said a woman screamed for at least three seconds.

His wife, Madam Siti, said: "It was so loud that it woke our two children from their nap."

The scream was so shrill that Mr Mohammad, a club bouncer, and his wife, both 30, were afraid to check the source.

They did not call the police as they were not sure what it might have been about.

About two hours later, police officers showed up at their flat and asked the couple about one of their neighbours.

Investigations were also being carried out at the foot of the block.

Mr Mohammad, who went down to have a look at about 9.30pm, said the area had been cordoned off. He said he saw coin-sized splatters of blood on the ground.

But he could not find out what the investigations were about.

Meanwhile, an economy rice stall helper claimed that he had seen the suitcase as early as 1.30pm on Wednesday, about 4½ hours before the body was discovered.

Wanting to be known only as Mr Lim, he said he saw the upright suitcase on the footpath in front of Rehau Building, a couple of metres from its final location.

Mr Lim, 45, said he even touched it lightly as it was obstructing his way. He did not notice any blood on it.

He said: "It was brand new, but the handle was slightly broken. I am sure it is the same one."

This article was first published on June 13, 2014.
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