"Rich Kids of Singapore" in online war of words with other users

Members of the Instagram page "Rich Kids of Singapore" (RKOS) engaged in a war of words with other users on Instagram recently.

The page was set up three weeks ago as a consolidated Singapore version of the latest craze that has youths from around the world posting photos of themselves flaunting their wealth on their social media pages.

On the Instagram page, it is written: "Singapore Is The Millionaires Playground, below are the most flamboyant, flashy and famous Rich Kids Of Singapore. DM us to nominate someone."

The argument started when other Instagram users slammed the RKOS members for posts of them flaunting their wealth.

The RKOS responded by defending their posts and slammed the other users for being "haters".

The heated argument eventually involved quite a few Instagram users, and was noticed by a large group of netizens.

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