Rich widow: No way I'd give someone $1m

SINGAPORE - The widow in the centre of a legal tussle for control of her estimated $40-million assets has said that she "absolutely could not have gifted anyone a million dollars" unless it was for charity. The comment is in response to former China tour guide Yang Yin's claim that the $1.13 million in his bank accounts was a gift from the widow.

Madam Chung Khin Chun, 87, is prepared to attend court personally to testify that she did not gift the money to Yang, according to her niece, 61-year-old Hedy Mok.

Shinmin Daily News reported that Madam Chung's comments were relayed to them by Madam Mok, owner of a tour agency.

Mdam Mok had said that Madam Chung will be able to testify in court if 40-year-old Yang is not in court at the same time. The Chinese paper did not explain why Yang had to be absent for Madam Chung to testify.