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'Road rage can have tragic consequences': Video of altercation between BMW driver and cyclist sparks debate

'Road rage can have tragic consequences': Video of altercation between BMW driver and cyclist sparks debate
A BMW driver abruptly cut off a cyclist in the next lane while driving along a two-lane road beside East Coast Park.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/SG Road Vigilante

An altercation between a cyclist and a car driver, captured on video, has divided netizens.

Dashcam camera footage from the incident, which apparently took place on Friday (May 17) morning, was posted to Facebook group SG Road Vigilante on the same afternoon with the caption "Altercation between a cyclist and a driver this Friday morning".

In the footage, a cyclist riding his bicycle and a black BMW are seen turning the corner onto East Coast Service Road on the left and right lanes respectively.

The BMW suddenly speeds up and switches to the left lane, cutting the cyclist off.

This prompts the cyclist to speed up until he is beside the car's window and he is seen gesturing wildly, seemingly upset by the driver's actions.

The BMW is then seen inching back into the right lane, forcing the cyclist to the far edge, which seems to further upset him.

The car eventually drives off, leaving the cyclist behind.

'Why the need to cycle on the road?'

Netizens had mixed reactions to this incident, with some believing that the cyclist must have angered the BMW driver first to warrant his behaviour, while others thought it was a misunderstanding.

"Not likely the BMW driver just did that out of the blue. The cyclist might have pissed him off somehow," a Facebook user commented.

Another netizen said: "East Coast Park has its own cycling paths, why the need to cycle on the road? [The BMW driver] is just doing what a lot of drivers would want to do."

"BMW [driver] gave ample space when he overtook the cyclist... but too bad there was a speed bump and he had to slow down, which made it look like he was cornering the cyclist," said another commenter.

A few comments criticised the driver, however, for his "dangerous behaviour".

One Facebook user said: "I don't like the way cyclists have been cycling on the road these days. But we drivers should not be using our cars to taunt them nor endanger their lives."

"Either way, the driver should not use the vehicle to corner the cyclist," said another netizen.

One other commenter wrote: "The cyclist was keeping in his own lane. There is no reason for the car to do that."

"Road rage can have tragic consequences. Anger shuts off the thinking mind," read another comment.

There were also some netizens who felt the cyclist's reaction was unnecessary and only worsened the situation by angering the driver further.

According to the Land Transport Authority's rules and guidelines for safe cycling on roads, all cyclists must ride as close as possible to the far-left edge of roads and to allow traffic to overtake them safely.

They are also encouraged to keep a straight course, avoid weaving through traffic as well as sudden swerves and keep a safe distance behind moving vehicles.

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