Robbers siphon liquid gold worth $81,400 from factory in Malaysia

PHOTO: Reuters

EIGHT robbers siphoned away liquid gold worth a total of RM250,000 (S$81,400) from a gold-plating factory in Bukit Minyak, reported Harian Metro.

Police believe the robbers used a lorry to suck out the chemical, which was stored in tanks, during the 11.30pm incident yesterday.

A source claimed that a lone 60-year-old security guard, who was on duty at the time, was held up by a parang-wielding robber.

"The security guard was ordered to open the gate and was then tied up at the guardhouse.

"One of the suspects also sprayed black paint on the CCTV camera lenses," said the source.

The source added that the robbers took three hours to draw the liquid gold from the storage facility.

The factory only found out about the robbery when some workers saw the security guard tied up at the guardhouse, said the source.

Additional reporting by R.Aravinthan.

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