Robbers steal $1.28m from security van

KUALA SELANGOR - A gang of robbers escaped with $1.28 million in cash during a security van robbery at a petrol station in Ijok, here, yesterday.

In the 10am incident, the van had stopped at a petrol station to transfer money to an automated teller machine.

As soon as the van stopped, a man in a white van and another man on a motorcycle who were at the station headed towards the van. They held up the four security guards accompanying the van, seized their pump-action shotguns and drove off with the security van with the guards inside.

District police chief Superintendent Mohd Taib Ahmad said two other suspects tailed the security van.

"They were brought to an oil palm plantation about 1.5km away from the scene of the crime," he said.

There, the robbers transferred nine bags containing the cash into their own van before setting the security van on fire.

Taib said the guards were forced to lie face down on the ground and two of them suffered burns from lying too close to the burning van.

"The injured guards received treatment at the Sungai Buloh Hospital."

Police are reviewing closed-circuit television footage from the petrol station for clues.