Rogue guard's partner still at large

KUALA LUMPUR - The security guard, who robbed the Subang Jaya AmBank branch and shot dead a female bank employee last month, has been identified as an Indonesian from Kacamatan Lawa, Sulawesi.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said the 35-year-old suspect's real name was Laode Ardina Laode Rasilah and that he had bought a fake Malaysian identity card bearing the name "Ardi Hamzah" from another Indonesian and used it to apply for the security guard post.

"The MyKad was a fake, bought from a fake MyKad card peddler.

"It was not issued by the National Registration Department and, therefore, its biometric properties were not traceable in the department's or other database," Khalid said yesterday at the Royal Malaysian Police College in Cheras.

He said police had also identified another mastermind of the robbery, who was the suspect's partner in planning the crime.

The man, also an Indonesian, is known as Joemar. Khalid said police believed that Laode Ardina had given Joemar the remaining loot from the robbery and that the suspect had since gone into hiding.

"We did not find any of the loot on the main suspect when he was arrested. This means that we have only recovered RM20,000 (S$7,800), the amount found on three family members of the main suspect," he said, adding that police had launched a manhunt for Joemar.

He said to date, 12 suspects had been arrested in connection with the robbery-cum-murder that happened on Oct 23.

In the 6.20pm incident at USJ Sentral in Subang Jaya, AmBank operations officer Norazita Abu Talib, 37, was shot in the head at close range by a security guard.

The suspect, who fled with RM450,000 from the bank's vault, was caught on Sunday at Kampung Belungkor in Kota Tinggi, Johor Baru, by a Bukit Aman Ops Cantas team.

Laode Ardina yesterday led a police team from the Selangor police contingent to a pump gun used to shoot Norazita during the robbery.

The weapon was found in a drain in Jalan Subang Persiaran Penaga, about 500m from the bank.

Laode Ardina was taken to the crime scene in chains at 10.30am. He led officers to a row of car repair shops and later pointed to a drain, where police officers found the pump gun. He had thrown it while fleeing the bank after the robbery.

Laode Ardina was later taken back to the Subang Jaya police headquarters.

Subang Jaya police chief Assistant Commissioner Yahaya Ramli said police retrieved the weapon at 11am.

A two-hour forensics investigation began soon after while police swept the area for other evidence.

It is learnt the pump gun had four rounds of ammunition in it.