SAF to allow camera cellphones into 15 more camps from next month

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) will allow servicemen to bring camera-equipped cellphones into 15 more camps such as Dieppe Barracks, Mandai Hill Camp and Stagmont Camp from next month.

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Here is the press release in full:

The Ministry of Defence and the Singapore Armed Forces have reviewed the pilot security zoning programme which was implemented on 1 Sep 2012. The review concluded that the programme enables the securing of sensitive areas while allowing flexibility and minimising disruption for our national servicemen who operate within camps.

Effective 1 Sep 2013, the security zoning programme will be implemented across 15 additional camps.

1. Amoy Quee Camp

2. Bukit Panjang Camp

3. Dieppe Barracks

4. Jurong Camp I & III

5. Kaki Bukit Camp

6. Keat Hong Camp

7. Kranji Camp I

8. Lim Chu Kang Camp

9. Mandai Camp II

10. Mandai Hill Camp

11. Nee Soon Camp

12. Selarang Camp

13. Sembawang Camp

14. Stagmont Camp

15. Tanjong Gul Camp

All camera-equipped mobile phones will now be allowed into Green Zones. In-vehicle cameras will also be permitted in Green Zones. However, servicemen will need to ensure that in-vehicle cameras are not used for unauthorised photography or videography.

There are no changes to the prohibition of camera-equipped mobile phones in sensitive areas designated as Red Zones, where classified information and equipment are processed and managed. All camera-equipped mobile phones will need to be deposited in designated lockers before entry into the Red Zones.

Unauthorised photography and videography within all SAF camp premises remain prohibited in all zones.