Same man spotted harassing female passengers on train

SINGAPORE - When Stomp contributor Han came across a man acting strangely towards a female student on the train on Dec 10 last year, he offered to help by swapping seats with her.

The student thanked him for this and gladly accepted. However, the man who behaving suspiciously got up and walked to a different cabin.

He then proceeded to sit next to another woman and behaved in the same manner towards her. The man seemed to be inching closer to both woman while seated next to them.

Apparently, this was not the first time the man was spotted behaving inappropriately with women on the train.

In a previous report, Stomp contributor P had come across the man doing the same to female commuter on Jan 26. The Stomp contributor took a video of the incident.

Stomp contributor Han said he had spotted the man's unusual behaviour soon after he boarded the train at Queenstown MRT station.

He elaborated:

"I've recently came across a STOMP article that reminds me of the similar incident I witnessed on Dec 10 (2014). I boarded the train at Queenstown and found a female student looking uncomfortable.

"The man sleeping next to her was placing his head and legs on her shoulders repeatedly. I offered to swap seats with the lady and gestured (whether she needs further assistance) to her. She thanked me, stood up and went to another cabin.

"The man "woke up" at Redhill MRT Station and pretended to alight, but changed his mind and walked towards another cabin. I followed and saw him repeating his "sleep" with the lady in the picture.

"I took the picture and alighted at Outram Park to report what I saw to the station control staff, who agreed that it was not easy if the affected ladies do not step forward.

"Looking at the modus operandi of this man, there could be more we could do together as a community to prevent such acts."

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