SCCCI lodges police report against Chinese tour guide embroiled in widow's $40m asset tussle

SINGAPORE - The main body representing Chinese businesses here has lodged a police report against the man fighting for the $40 million assets of a widow, claiming that there is no member by his name in the group.

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The Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI) posted the following statement on their website yesterday:

The Individual "Yang Yin" has no connection to the SCCCI

It has come to the SCCCI's attention that an individual identifying himself as one Yang Yin has been representing himself as a "Director of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce" or "新加坡中华总商会理事", including but not limited to handing out name cards containing the aforesaid position.

The SCCCI does not have any director or council member or member by the name of "Yang Yin".

A police report has been lodged and we will take action against anyone who abuses the name of SCCCI.