School bus with kids crashes through barrier and hits van near Pei Hwa Pri

SINGAPORE - A school bus filled with children crashed through a barrier near Pei Hwa Presbytarian Primary School this afternoon, before hitting a van.

STOMPer Lion saw the aftermath of the accident, and said over the phone:

"This happened at Pei Wah Avenue near Pei Hwa Presbytarian Primary School at around 12.20pm today.

"I heard a bang and went to take a look.

"A school bus from the church kindergarten crashed through a barrier, then hit a van.

"The picture was taken before the ambulance arrived.

"I'm not sure if anyone was hurt. The van that was hit got towed away.

"I heard from my bus uncle that the principal said some kids sustained minor injuries."

STOMPer Harry also sent in pictures of the accident and wrote:

"This happened during noon today at Pei Hwa Presbytarian Primary School.

"The bus jumped the kerb, went over the drain, smashed through the railings, and rammed into a parked van.

"The bus was fully loaded with school kids.

"It's a miracle no one was standing at the corner. It is usually full of school kids and parents at this hour.

"The bus windscreen was badly smashed. All kids were rushed off the bus."

A spokesperson from SCDF said:

"SCDF received a call at 12.12pm.

"Location was 7 Pei Wah Avenue.

"1 ambulance was dispatched.

"Upon arrival, ambulance assistance was not required."

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Kindergarten school bus carrying kids crashes through barrier and into other vehicles

Glory Kindergarten school principal Mrs Helen Chua told The Straits Times that the bus driver was making his way out of the kindergarten grounds when he appeared to lose control of his vehicle, which ploughed through the fence straight ahead instead of turning right as intended.

The children on board, who are aged between four and six, along with their adult bus attendant and driver escaped with "very minor injuries" such as bruises and bumps, said Mrs Chua.

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