Scoot offers a quiet option on its flights

For an additional $18, Scoot's passengers can reserve a seat in the ScootinSilence zone, which is free of noise and of children under the age of 12.

The new service from low-cost airline Scoot, a branch of Singapore Airlines, is sure to appeal to travelers hoping to catch a little shut-eye on their flight. Located just behind the business class cabin, rows 21 to 25 on the airline's flights are now dedicated to peace and quiet.

To ensure the maximum level of quiet, the airline's ScootinSilence zone is off limits for children under the age of 12.

To reserve a seat in the silent zone, customers pay an additional $18 on top of the price of an Economy Class ticket (around $77), making ScootinSilent tickets $4 cheaper than a seat in the airline's version of business class, ScootBiz ($99).

Scoot, which services Seoul, Tokyo and Sydney among other cities in the Asia-Pacific region, isn't the only airline to address the problem of in-flight noise, which many travelers associate with the presence of children in the cabin. In 2012, Malaysia Airlines even went as far as banning children from the upper-level economy class on flights aboard the Airbus A380.

A number of hotels are taking similar measures. The Jade Mountain hotel in Saint Lucia, for example, even went as far as banning all types of noise-making electronic devices (including phones) to ensure peace and quiet for its guests, who can still access the Internet at the reception desk.