Second student death in 3 days

SINGAPORE - A secondary 1 student from Temasek Junior College died after collapsing at school on Wednesday, marking the second such death this week.

Integrated Programme student Nicholas Gan was warming up for a physical-education (PE) lesson in the morning when he felt unwell and giddy.

The student, whom the police said was aged 12, went to inform a teacher when he suddenly keeled over in front of his classmates.

Teachers at the scene rushed over to give him cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but he remained unconscious. He was later taken to Changi General Hospital and died around 11.30am that day.

The reason for his death remains unclear, with reports saying he died of either heart failure or an asthma attack.

He was said to have been panting heavily shortly before he fainted.

Nicholas was a bright student who had scored well in the recent PSLE, and was in the top 25 per cent of his cohort at White Sands Primary.

On Monday, a 16-year-old boy from Tanglin Secondary School collapsed after jogging during a PE lesson and died subsequently.

And, in March last year, Singapore Chinese Girls' School student Nur Aisyah Ismail, 13, died after collapsing while doing a 2.4km run during a PE lesson.

A post-mortem found that she suffered from cardiorespiratory failure.