Security guard in 'kungfu' fight with youth has resigned: Management

SINGAPORE - A mall security guard who was caught on camera in a fight with a youth on Friday evening has resigned voluntarily, according to a report in Shin Min Daily News.

The scuffle between the two men outside The Cathay at Handy Road was caught on video and uploaded on Facebook. In the 40-second clip, a middle-aged man wearing a long-sleeved shirt can be seen trading blows with a youth wearing a grey T-shirt and shorts.

According to sources unnamed by the paper, the young man was believed to have been hawking keychains illegally outside the mall, which led to the confrontation with the security guard.

However, when the reporter requested to speak to the security guard to find out more, the management of The Cathay said the man had resigned of his own accord that evening after the fight.

A passerby interviewed by Shin min said the young man was "very agitated" and continued to exhibit aggressive behaviour even after a few others had intervened to stop the fight.

He said the youth had tattoos on his body, and was often seen moving around the Dhoby Ghaut area selling keychains.

After the video clip of the altercation went viral online, Shin Min reported that netizens have been divided on the 'kungfu' fight. Some expressed support for the security guard, saying that he must have been provoked. 

However, others said he should not have resorted to violence to resolve matters.

This is not the first time footage of a fight in full view of the public has received media coverage. Earlier in September, two middle-aged men made headlines when they got into another "kungfu-style" scuffle at Tampines Interchange, which was reported on citizen journalism site, Stomp.