Security officer removed from post over sexual harassment

TAIPEI - A security officer has been given a demerit and transferred to another military unit after he confessed to sexually harassing a female military officer, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) told local media yesterday.

The security officer, who served in a unit under the General Political Warfare Bureau (總政治作戰局), was accused of hugging a female officer at his office on Oct. 9 during lunch break, the Chinese-language Apple Daily said yesterday.

The incident was exposed when the female officer called for help after she failed to stop him from hugging her, the report said.

The security officer later confessed to military investigators that he did hug the female officer in his office. Bureau authorities later gave the security officer a major demerit and removed him from his current post to serve as punishment, unidentified military personnel told the newspaper. The military also offered counseling service to the female officer.

Unidentified military personnel told the newspaper that the male security officer was responsible for anti-espionage measures in the military and regularly handled classified information.