Seletar Airport to get new terminal to support aviation growth

A new passenger terminal building will be built at the eastern side of Seletar Airport to help boost it as a private and business aviation gateway to Singapore.

When it opens in end-2018, operations at the current terminal located on the western side of Seletar Airport will cease, the Civil Authority of Singapore (CAAS) announced today (May 19) in a statement.

A tender for its construction was called yesterday and construction is expected to begin in October.

As part of the larger Seletar Aerospace Park (SAP), the new terminal will also support growing general aviation activities.

CAAS statement said: "With the growing demand for air travel and increased traffic at Changi Airport, there is a need to ensure the optimisation of the use of resources within the entire aviation system in Singapore. When the new PTB at Seletar Airport is ready in end-2018, turboprop aircraft operations will be shifted from Changi Airport to Seletar Airport."

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