Sembawang to get 12ha green hub

SEMBAWANG will soon be home to a 12ha integrated sports and community hub with unique attributes - it will be located in a lush setting that celebrates the area's greenery and heritage.

Focusing on the themes of water, sports and health, as well as nourishment, the hub is expected to have a swimming pool in a natural and rustic environment, multi-play courts and an eco-friendly hawker centre with efficient energy lighting and water-saving fittings.

Other ideas include community gardens and forest trails.

The new community space will also include Admiralty House, now gazetted as a national monument.

It was built by the British in 1939 and had served under British rule as the residence of the flag officer for the Malayan area.

The house is now occupied by Furen International School, a private education institution, which will vacate the premises in 2020.

Effort is being made to preserve the natural greenery surrounding the hub, which will be a five-minute walk from the Sembawang MRT station.

While approximately 200 of the 761 trees on Admiral Hill, where the hub will be located, will be removed or relocated to make way for the development, another 1,000 will be planted in the area.

There are also plans for a senior care centre providing services such as day care and physiotherapy for the elderly.

A completion date for the hub has yet to be announced, though certain facilities are expected to be up by 2019.

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