Severed head, other parts found in Tainan: police

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Police discovered a bag containing the severed head of a woman and other body parts in Tainan yesterday, two days after a man found a pair of arms while walking his dog nearby.

The authorities said they have established a task force to investigate the dismemberment homicide, adding that the location where the head was found is probably the second scene of the crime.

The police have yet to identify the victim. Preliminary investigation showed the victim to be a middle-aged woman with shoulder-length hair and an inward right incisor tooth. Forensics experts placed the time of death at around two weeks ago.

Tainan City Police Department's Guiren Precinct called for relatives of missing persons with the above mentioned characteristics to contact the authorities as soon as possible.

The bag with the head was found under a tree between a factory wall and an orchard after the police expanded the search perimeter yesterday. It was located 500 meters from the bike trail where the dog-walker discovered the arms.