Sex-for-dessert deal goes sour

Eat all you can and then have sex for "dessert". This was the gimmick used by three so-called traditional massage joints in Bandar Sunway before anti-vice officers busted their premises, reported Harian Metro.

It was a tactic copied from spa operators who offer customers a "package deal" that includes free meals before selecting a partner for a sex session.

Acting on a tip-off on Monday, police ambushed the three premises at Dataran Mentari that allegedly operated behind the guise of parlours providing traditional massage services.

Twenty-six people were detained in the raids, including a Vietnamese man and four Malaysians who were employed as caretakers of the premises.

The others were Vietnamese women aged between 18 and 32.

"They are all suspected of being involved in prostitution activities," Selangor D7 (vice, gambling and secret societies) chief Deputy Supt Abd Ghofar Ahmad said.