Sex offender registry not the answer

Mr Chia Eu Foong suggested having a "closed" sex offender database, accessible only to certain schools and businesses, following reports of inappropriate sexual relationships between educators and students ("Consider 'closed' sex offender database"; last Wednesday).

While this may protect minors in mainstream schools from former sex offenders, it does not cover freelance private tutors who are unregistered.

And does such a database go against the spirit of the Yellow Ribbon Project, which seeks to get employers to give former offenders a second chance? As it is, former inmates are already finding it hard to re-integrate into society.

Imposing and enforcing stricter laws serve as the ultimate credible deterrence. An appropriate behaviour modification programme and therapy align with the Singapore Prison Service's aim to "Rehab, Renew, Restart".

This humane approach minimises cases of recidivism and also fosters the spirit of humanity.

-Ada Chan Siew Foen (Ms)

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