Shanmugam to file police report over netizen's 'inaccurate and seditious' post

SINGAPORE - Law and Foreign Minister K. Shanmugam has announced that he intends to lodge a police report on Saturday (Aug 29) about a Facebook post that he termed as "inaccurate and seditious."

Mr Shanmugam published a Facebook post on Friday evening (Aug 28) in which he said that Ms Sangeetha Thanapal had misrepresented a speech which he made at a Singapore Press Club event on Aug 27.

Ms Thanapal had written in her Facebook post: "The only reason you would consider this important enough to make statements about, is if you are an Islamaphobic bigot who thinks Malay-Muslims are a threat."

According to The Straits Times, her post was shared 2,400 times as of 8.50pm. It was subsequently removed.

Following the minister's announcement that he intended to file a police report, Ms Thanapal wrote on her Facebook page: "I understand that Minister Shanmugam is going to file a police report. I have removed the post and am in the process of obtaining legal advice. I will update shortly."

Here is Mr Shanmugam's full post on his Facebook page: