Shanmugam to help family of boy, 4, who fell to death in Yishun seek legal recourse

SINGAPORE - Minister of Law K Shanmugam will help find legal recourse for the family of a four-year-old boy who fell to his death at a Yishun block.

The boy had fallen from an open window in the master bedroom of a 9th floor unit at Block 165, Yishun Ring Road on Tuesday, Oct 6. The boy had been home alone when the incident occurred, reported Shin Min Daily News.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, Mr Shanmugam called it a "tragic accident", which "could have been prevented if there had been window grilles".

According to Mr Shanmugam, when the family had moved into the unit, about two weeks prior to the incident, the contractor had not installed some agreed-upon items, including the window grilles.

Attempts to contact the contractor were then unsuccessful.

According to the boy's father, it was only when he suggested terminating the contract that the contractor agreed to meet him. But even then, the contractor subsequently failed to turn up for the meeting.

The father added that after the accident, he had sent the contractor news reports of his son's death. But he did not get any response or an apology.

The boy's parents recounted the sequence of events to Mr Shanmugam, who is an MP in Nee Soon Group Representation Constituency, when he visited the family.

"If these facts are true, then the conduct is shameful, irresponsible and has contributed to the tragedy," he said.

Mr Shanmugam, who is also Home Affairs Minister, added: "One can understand the parents' anger, anguish. To lose a child like this. Because someone has not done what he is supposed to have done. And the conduct after the tragedy is shocking."

He stressed that steps must be taken against such contractors, and will be finding a lawyer for the family.

"We must help the family to get legal recourse. It won't bring back the child, but there has to be some justice done," he said.