'She just went crazy and bit me'

'She just went crazy and bit me'

SINGAPORE - She marched into the beauty salon and demanded to see a member of the service staff.

When told she couldn't, she allegedly bit an employee and only let go when the police arrived.

The incident happened at a beauty parlour in People's Park Complex at 3pm on Sunday, reported Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao.

The victim - identified only as Miss Zhang - was bleeding from the wound on her ring finger.

She was later taken to Singapore General Hospital, and had her entire left hand - minus her thumb - bandaged.

Miss Zhang, 34, said she did not know her alleged attacker, who also left scratch marks on her face, arms and legs. "She came looking for my colleague, who happened to be at our other shop (located on the fourth floor)," Miss Zhang said.

"I told her to wait, but she grew impatient and said she was in a hurry."

The woman - believed to be a Chinese national - then asked Miss Zhang for her colleague's contact number, which Miss Zhang refused to give.

She then allegedly shouted at Miss Zhang, before lurching forward, scratching her and pulling her hair.

Counter blows

"I tried to counter her blows but she just went crazy and started biting my finger," said Miss Zhang. Police confirmed that they received a call requesting assistance at 3.10pm, and are investigating.

No arrest had been made at press time.

As for the alleged attacker, Lianhe Wanbao reported that she was believed to have booked a flight back to China on Monday.

She claimed she only bit Miss Zhang in self-defence after she was first attacked. She said she went into the salon looking for a Miss Zhou, but the employees there said they did not know of such a person.

She then yelled out: "Would it kill you to tell me who she is?"

At that point, four service staff surrounded her and allegedly hit her, she said.

"So I did what I did only in self-defence."

But that was denied by Miss Zhang, who said: "Everyone in the shop was busy. Who would have had time to mess around with her?"

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