She married me despite my breasts

She married a Singaporean man with breasts. And the Vietnamese bride did it willingly.

Madam Kim Ngan's husband, Mr Kurt Tay, made the front page of The New Paper in May last year when he said he had C-cup breast implants not because he was transgender, but because he simply wanted them.

The 28-year-old security guard even said he wanted to return to Thailand to get a G-cup bust. Madam Kim, 27, declined to be interviewed, but Mr Tay spoke on her behalf.

She was willing to marry me despite my breasts, he said.

He paid $8,000 to a matchmaking agency in Peninsula Plaza to find him a wife.

His parents were upset with him and he felt it was time to settle down.

He admitted that he initially wanted to hide the truth about his implants during the matchmaking process.

"The people from the matchmaking agency advised against it. They told me that it would be better to be honest so that problems would not crop up after the marriage," Mr Tay said.

He described how he met Madam Ngan in Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City in December.

She was among the 12 women shortlisted by the agency.

"Out of the 12, some minded my implants. For others, their parents minded. Only (my wife)... accepted me for who I am and had her parents' blessings," he said.

Mr Tay added that Madam Ngan looked like she would be a good wife and mother, which drew him more to her.

Wedding reception

In the same month, he threw a wedding reception in Vietnam - part of the $8,000 package - to celebrate their union.

Recounting the wedding reception with a smile, Mr Tay said: "We had more than 10 tables of guests celebrating with us. After the first round cleared, another group came and filled up the tables again."

After the joy of a wedding reception, Mr Tay was soon brought down to earth.

"There are just too many cultural differences between us," he said with brows slightly furrowed.

Kurt Tay: She married me despite my breasts

For a start, Mr Tay and his wife do not know each other's mother tongue and can communicate only with gestures or a translation app on their mobile phones.

Madam Kim also does not approve of his You- Tube videos and his penchant for using make-up.

"She finds the videos weird. She doesn't understand that I'm just trying to entertain people with my videos," Mr Tay lamented.

She even has issues with his liking for pink clothes. On one occasion, he spotted a pink shirt he wanted to buy, but she said no.

Still, he is pressing on and registered his marriage on Friday at the Registry of Marriages (ROM).

Dressed in a crisp coral shirt and with neatly gelled hair, he looked like a far cry from his days of low-cut fitting tank tops and mid-length hair.

Mr Tay's implants were still visible despite his shirt's relaxed fit.

But he neglected to tell his wife that he had told TNP of the marriage registration.

It did not go down well as she refused to hold his hand and take a photo together after the registration.

The pair left ROM with her walking fast ahead and Mr Tay catching up behind.

"She was already angry two days ago because I had posted on my Facebook page previously in jest about my freedom being restricted by her. She's been glaring at me," he said.

"I hope her anger will subside and she will talk to me soon," he said.

No more g-cup boobs for him

Nine months after his breast-augmentation surgery last April, security guard Kurt Tay, who had previously wanted to be a G-cupper, does not long for big boobs anymore.

He said: "I don't know what came over me. I was at my lowest point then because nothing was going well.

"I lost all my money on gambling. I felt so lonely because I went on many blind dates over the past 10 years, but no woman was interested."

Even though he was made to undergo counselling by his parents in June, the-wake up call came from watching his mother, who is almost 60, break down.

Mum cried

Mr Tay recounted: "One day, I saw my mother breaking down into loud sobs. My heart broke and I instantly felt like I did her wrong.

"That was when I woke up and realised what I have been doing is not right or normal."

He added that he does not intend to have his implants removed for financial reasons.

"It will cost money to have them removed and I am now penniless after this marriage," he explained.

Surgery to remove breast implants can cost between $8,000 to $12,000, said Dr Andrew Khoo, a plastic surgeon in private practice.

This includes day surgery under anaesthesia and post-surgery care, he said.

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Kurt Tay: She married me despite my breasts