Sheng Siong CEO 'thankful' towards kidnappers for not hurting his mum

SINGAPORE - The CEO of the Sheng Siong supermarket chain, whose mother Ng Lai Poh was kidnapped and freed unhurt last Wednesday, told Lianhe Wanbao that he bears no grudges against the two men suspected to be behind the crime.

Lim Hock Chee, 52, even told the Chinese evening daily that he is thankful towards them for not hurting her during an ordeal that lasted more than 12 hours.

Speaking calmly during a telephone interview, Mr Lim sounded empathetic towards the alleged kidnappers, saying it was regrettable that their one mistake was going to cost them their future.

He told Lianhe Wanbao that the only victims of the incident were not just his 79-year-old mother, but the mother of one of the suspects as well.

Mr Lim is believed to be referring to Madam Seow, whose 41-year-old son Lee Sze Yong was arrested along with his accomplice, 50-year-old Heng Chen Boon last Thursday.

She had told Shin Min Daily News that the duo had been living together for more than 10 years with her in their Hougang flat, and that they were lovers.

When asked about how the safety of Madam Ng would be ensured after the kidnapping, Mr Lim told Lianhe Wanbao that he and his siblings will be holding a meeting to discuss measures, but that there are no specific plans yet.

While Mr Lim has no plans of hiring a bodyguard for his mother, his family will see to it that she does not go out alone from now on, reported Lianhe Wanbao.