Shop owner uses bamboo pole to whack rats; kills 8 in 2 days

Brandishing a long red pole and standing with his legs apart, you might mistake this uncle who works at a flower shop as a kung fu master - but he is just trying to kill rats that have been sighted around his shop.

The middle-aged man, who wished to remain anonymous, said that he has killed eight rats in just two days, reported Shin Min Daily.

Walking along the back alleys of Block 846 Yishun Ring Road, one can see many mouse traps, cages and rat poison scattered around.

The rat problem has affected businesses in the area including a coffee shop, fast-food restaurant, vegetable and flower shop.

The flower shop owner said he was dining inside his shop when he noticed the rats running around. He tried to keep his shop clean and even spent $100 on traps and poison, but the rats still kept coming.

Three weeks ago, he killed eight rats in two days.

He said: "I was sitting in the shop and next to me was a bamboo pole - when I saw the rats, I swung at them."

Vegetable shop assistant Vinay Syria, 24, have been setting up traps and laid out poison for the rodents.

Syria said they can catch around three to four rats each month. He added that he is also frustrated with the rodents as they are causing losses for the shop.

The rats chew up the vegetables and damage around 10kg of produce a night.

At the back alleys, the rodents can be seen brazenly running around even when there are people around, Shin Min reported.

The Yishun Town Council is taking action and helping in curbing the rat problem.

A spokesman said they have been setting up and increasing the number of mousetraps.

There are also routine anti-rodent campaign and also checks for cleanliness.

At the said location, the Town Council has been laying traps and also increasing the cleaning including high pressure water jet cleaning twice a week.

They also found food residue and holes in garbage bags outside the eateries. Town Council said they need co-operation from all parties such as the shop owners, customers and agencies to stop this problem.

This is not the first time a rat problem was discovered in Yishun.

Earlier in Sep 2015, Shin Min reported that a rat was found on a supermarket shelf. The rat was described to be as big as a kitten, said housewife Xie Yifei, 42 who saw it.