Shorts cuts for a new take on branding

The video scrolls on your social media feed, and unfolds into what looks like an episode of a TV series or a short film. Maybe it's a tearjerker, which, after you've watched to the end, you "Like" and "Share", with a comment on how wonderful it is - even though you realise, perhaps belatedly, that it's advertising.

To hook viewers (read: customers), companies are now tapping into a new channel that markets their brands in a non-intrusive, even pleasing way - video-storytelling. Brunch this Saturday in the BT Weekend explores the trend.

In our Investing & Wealth section, chartist Daryl Guppy shows why gold and oil will become casualties as America rushes headlong into (more) debt. And CFA Society Insights dives into the telecoms sector with an analysis of the fundamentals that determine performance.

On the hunt for a new job? Traditional job interviews in which candidates are grilled face to face still exist, but more unconventional methods such as Skype interviews are becoming par for the course. Young or old, techie or not, Cubicle Files says it's time for those of you looking to switch employers to get acquainted with the new interview approaches out there.

When you're on a vacation, you want to be able to do as you like (within reason). Yet some establishments have in place rules that serve only to annoy. Our Saturday Soapbox columnist fingers a few culprits and wonders, "Why?"

And in The Finish Line this week, we preview this Saturday's big Premier League match between Manchester United and Liverpool at Old Trafford.

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