Shots fired at car at Second Link Bridge near Tuas Checkpoint

SINGAPORE - Two shots were fired at a vehicle at the Second Link Bridge before Tuas Checkpoint last night (Oct 27) at about 11.45pm.

No one was injured in the incident as traffic was light at the time, said the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) in a statement to the media today (Oct 28).

A suspect was detained in what appears to be a case of cigarette smugglers trying to avoid detection by the authorities. 

ICA said that four vehicles had stopped near the international boundary on the Second Link Bridge in the direction towards Singapore.

Two of the vehicles made a sudden U-turn and headed towards Malaysia when auxiliary police officers approached the vehicles for inspection. 

The other two vehicles initially complied with the officers' instructions to proceed to Tuas Checkpoint, but ICA said one of the vehicles suddenly reversed in a "dangerous manner" against the flow of traffic and towards the officers.

One of the officers fired two shots at the vehicle, but the vehicle continued in the direction of Malaysia.

Preliminary investigations indicated that the persons in the vehicles were involved in the smuggling of cigarettes into Malaysia, said the ICA. 

The police are investigating the matter.