Should parents expects money from their children? S'poreans say...

Q: Should parents expect money from their children?

68 per cent YES

"When I started working, I gave half my pay to my parents. Giving shows how grateful we are to them for bringing us up. Even if the parents are rich, the children should still give. It is also a way of contributing to the household expenses."

- Madam Fatimah Yusoff, 45, housewife

"I think they have a right to expect money from their children. But it is important as to how they communicate this expectation to their children. "

- Ms Charlene Low, 23, public relations executive

"Parents will not be able to work once they reach a certain age and children must be able to provide for them. I'm not that old yet, but if we don't start collecting when they start working, it will be hard to do so later in life."

- Madam Yeo Siew Toh, 45, housewife

NO 32 per cent

"It really depends on the child's circumstances. I have my own income. My children have their own bills to settle and I don't want to burden them."

- Mr Mohamed Sidik Hanifa, 67, taxi driver

"I don't think parents should expect children to give them money. If it happens, it is a bonus. Whatever it is, children must give willingly and sincerely. Only then will the act of giving be meaningful."

- Mr Abbas Hamid, 58, taxi driver

"It really depends on how much the child earns. But if the child earns only a few hundred dollars a month, you can't expect him to give his parents money, right?"

- Ms Sam Say Ha, 30, housewife

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