Shuqun Sec bullying: Victim's aunt slams new video as misleading

After the first video of the Shuqun Secondary School bullying came to light recently, another video has surfaced online, suggesting that the victim was also a bully himself.

In response to the second video that was posted on Facebook, the boy's aunt clarified that it was taken at least two months ago and that her nephew was just playing with his classmates.

Stella Thng, the aunt of the victim wrote on Facebook:

"For concerned family and friends: A second video surfaced yesterday which showed my nephew playing with another friend (not seen in the original ‪#‎Shuqun‬ Sec bullying video).

"The truth is this latest video was actually shot at least two months ago. It was an entirely different context and situation, shot NOT during lesson time in class, but "after school or during recess", as said by a fellow student on Facebook.

"This student also wrote: 'For the record, they were just playing'".

The second video that was uploaded on the Facebook page Cool Singapore Bureau claimed that the victim was a bully and that the video showed the "true story" of the incident.

The video's description reads: "Part 2 of Shuqun Secondary School bully incident... True story behind the big bully in school. This was taken before that video and this boy started the bullying and the big boy comes later."

However, Stella mentioned that this is not true and that the video shown to her by the principal of the school shows that the students were playing rough.

"This video was not a surprise to us as the principal had shown it to my cousin and I during our meeting on Wed. The context: To illustrate his point that the school repeatedly reminds their students that rough play, such as this, is not allowed in school. Their reason is that when kids play rough, they may accidentally hurt one another even if they don't mean to", she wrote.

News of the bullying case at Shuqun Secondary school went viral when a 52-second video clip posted online on Sept 21 showed a boy from the school hitting Stella's nephew and another boy repeatedly.

Both victims kept their heads low and did not retaliate. Another boy was seen dancing on the teacher's table in the background while the bullying went on.

Shuqun Secondary School has taken disciplinary action against the students who have behaved inappropriately in the bullying case, said its principal Chia Hai Siang in a statement on Sept 24.

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