SIA revamps website, raises allowance for check-in baggage

Faced with stiff competition from both low-cost and full-service carriers, Singapore Airlines (SIA) is striving to set itself apart by rolling out customer-centric initiatives, such as higher baggage allowance and an upcoming redesign of its website.

The SIA group has announced that SIA and Silk-Air are boosting checked-in baggage allowance across all cabins from Nov 15.

Separately, at a results briefing on Wednesday morning, Singapore Airlines chief Goh Choon Phong said the SIA website is expected to undergo further improvements to make it more user-friendly and intuitive.

"That new design for the website will begin to be introduced sometime next year," added Mr Goh.

The website's last major revamp in 2011 was riddled with technical problems, which the airline has since rectified.

Meanwhile, baggage allowances will go up by 10 kilograms across all classes of travel, which means that economy class passengers will now be allowed to carry 30kg, while business and first-class passengers will have a baggage allowance of 40kg and 50kg respectively.

For flights to and from the United States - where a per-piece allowance is applicable - passengers travelling in first and business class will be entitled to check in two pieces of luggage of up to 32kg each. Economy class passengers can carry two bags of up to 23kg each.

The airline said that the adjustment was a result of feedback from customers and aimed at maintaining the strength of its overall value proposition.

News of the revised allowance limit, which kicks in before the year-end holidays, was well received by customers, judging from comments on the airline's Facebook page.

Speaking to BT at the sidelines of yesterday's briefing, executive vicepresident (commercial) Mak Swee Wah said the higher baggage allowances were unlikely to have a significant impact on fuel costs.

The move to increase baggage allowance is perceived as an effort to distinguish itself from rival carriers, amid stiffening competition. In February, Malaysia Airlines introduced an additional 10kg of checked-in baggage allowance for all classes and cut excess baggage fees as well.

SIA has unveiled other changes this year, including the enhancement of its KrisFlyer programme, new designs for its SilverKris Lounges in Singapore and overseas as well as an overhaul of its cabin products for selected aircraft.

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