Simpler IPPT with fewer items

SINGAPORE - Every career and citizen soldier will find it easier to train for - maybe even pass - his annual physical fitness test, as the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) finalises changes to simplify the Individual Physical Proficiency Test, or IPPT. The highly anticipated move, the first in more than 30 years, will likely include scrapping some test stations. The aim is to make the IPPT "simpler to administer and simpler to train for", said Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen. Today's IPPT has five stations: the chin-up, standing broad jump, 4x10m shuttle, sit-up and 2.4km run.

Noting that most armed forces around the world "use simpler tests" with fewer components, Dr Ng said the Singapore Army has studied their fitness tests and "found a format that meets its needs which you can do with fewer stations and... is able to maintain the fitness standards or at least signal the fitness standards".

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