Singapore Airlines confirms bomb threat on flight from San Francisco

SINGAPORE - Singapore Airlines have confirmed that a bomb threat was made against one of its flights on Nov 22.

On its official Twitter account, the airline said: "Singapore Airlines confirms tt (sic) thr (sic) was a bomb threat concerning SQ001, 22 Nov, which was referred to the authorities."

It also expressed regret at not being able to provide more details due to "security concerns".

Several passengers had taken to social media earlier this afternoon to state how long they had waited before being able to disembark from SQ001, which was a Singapore Airlines flight from San Francisco via Hong Kong.

Twitter user Jeannie Ong had posted a picture of an electronic message at one of the baggage claim belts explaining the delay in baggage delivery "due to additional security screening". She said the plane had landed at noon but passengers were still waiting to claim their luggage at 2.43pm.

In an earlier tweet, she had mentioned that she was "greeted by so many police officers" once she had disembarked from the plane.