Singapore bolsters SingPass defences after security breaches

SINGAPORE -- The Singaporean government has renewed the management system for its SingPass accounts, which are used for accessing online administrative services, in an effort to enhance security in the face of an increase in the number of serious breaches.

Singaporeans can apply for public housing via online administrative services using SingPass.

A new two-step authentication system has been introduced to bolster the 12-year-old system's defence against cybercrimes, such as theft of personal information and phishing scams. The move is a response to the proliferation of such crimes, which pose a growing security threat.

About 3 million people, including foreign residents, or nearly 60 per cent of the city-state's population, have SingPass accounts, where 60 government agencies offer access to over 200 online services through one account.

Residents can electronically connect to a wide range of government services, such as filing income tax, applying for public housing and checking account balances at the Central Provident Fund, which is Singapore's social security savings plan.

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